Musician Host Program

The GSO is looking for generous hosts to provide rooms for our visiting guest musicians.

  • Get to know some of the wonderful musicians that come to Greenville to bring you great music.
  • Host only when it is convenient for you, and there is no commitment to the hosting program.
  • The GSO brings nearly 75 guest musicians to the stage through the season, every year.
  • All you need to provide is a private bedroom, bathroom, and a love of music!
  • In total, your generosity helps to provide nearly 1,000 nights of housing required for these musicians to perform with the orchestra each season.


  • Special listing in the GSO 23-24 season program
  • Invitation to the post-concert reception at the Westin Poinsett Hotel Saturday, March 16, 2024
  • Biggest benefit: forming relationships with your musician(s)


We hope you will consider joining the many GSO hosts who already love the experience of having guest musicians in their homes.

For more information on this program, please scroll down and read the letter below, or contact:

Jennifer Mullins, Office Manager  864-232-0344 ext. 113

Or sign up now by clicking the button below.

Hosting a GSO Musician

Dear GSO enthusiasts,

I am excited to let you know of the new program that the GSO is embarking on this next season, housing many of our guest musicians.  We already have some wonderful hosts who have offered their homes to our musicians and, in turn, have created lasting friendships and extended families. Opening your home to a musician allows us to get musicians of the highest quality and is an additional incentive for them to choose GSO over other orchestra offers. This program will have a significant and direct positive impact on the artistic product the GSO will be able to put on stage. 

A wonderful aspect of this program is that it builds relationships between our guest musicians, some of whom come for a majority of our concerts, and you, our audience and supporters.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from hosts that they were delighted to have their guests; some musicians will play mini-concerts in the evenings, some will cook for/with their hosts, etc. As one host said, “I love all the musicians you send me – they are all intelligent, well-spoken, wonderful people who are a delight to have in the home.”  Ultimately, both audience and musicians enjoy the music more when we have personal connections with those on the ‘other side’ of the podium. (This program could also serve as a membership-builder for the GSO, as many of you, I am sure, have neighbors with spare rooms that may not yet be part of the “GSO Family”, and housing a musician might be just the entry point they need to join us!)

We need your help! Above is the general information about this program, and a survey link here to help us place musicians with hosts.  All you need is a private bed and bath that the musician can use.  The provided survey will ask if you have a gender/age preference, and how many musicians you would like to house (we do have some couples that come to play with us, as well as friends from other cities who often travel here together), etc.  As we approach a concert series, I will get in touch with you if I need hosts, and, if your schedule that week permits, you can tell me “yes.” If, for any reason, it is not convenient, it is just fine for you to tell me, “Not this time.” I promise I will keep asking! (I am happy to ask you 20 times and have you say ‘yes’ just once.)

I want to thank all of those who have already housed musicians and encourage those who would like to consider it to please contact me via email (  We hope you will share this information with any of your friends or family who may also be interested in the program.

Jennifer Mullins
Office Manager
864-232-0344 ext. 113