As an educational and cultural ambassador for Greenville and South Carolina, the Greenville Symphony Orchestra (GSO) is a resource that builds community by providing excellence in live musical performance, educating minds, and engaging our community through the unifying power of music.

As the GSO continues to evolve with a rapidly growing Greenville, generous donor support is greatly appreciated to continue our legacy. The GSO is investing in high quality musicians and staff, enriching programmatic offerings, and enhancing community impact through educational engagement.

For more information on the Endowment, including how to donate, please contact Jessica Satava.

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Why Give to the Endowment?

Compensation for High-Quality Musicians and Staff:

  • Increase performance opportunities for musicians
  • Maintain competitive pay

Concert Programming Enhancements:

  • Pops Concerts
  • Guest Artists
  • Multi-media experiences and visual aids for concerts
  • New, innovative concert series

Community Engagement and Educational Programs:

  • Pop-up, accessible community performances
  • More resources to enhance in classroom educational programming
  • Develop education programs to serve the community outside of the classroom
  • Increase number of musicians leading educational programs
  • Workshops for aspiring composers