Henri Casadesus: Concerto in C minor in the Style of J.C. Bach for Viola and Strings 

Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048 

* This represents just a portion of the program. Our next Music Director will enrich it with their unique artistic vision and style, revealing more selections this summer. We invite you to take a leap of faith with us on this thrilling journey! 


Kathryn Dey, Principal Viola 

Erika and Chuck Riddiford Endowed Chair 

We can’t wait to welcome Principal Viola Katie Dey to the stage as our soloist for this program full of Baroque-inspired goodness!  She’ll play a concerto written by French composer Henri Casadesus, who was, in no uncertain terms, completely obsessed with the music of the Bach family, and in this case, Johann Sebastian Bach’s son Johann Christian. Then, you’ll hear the strings of the symphony shine in the third Brandenburg concerto, a piece composed as part of a set that Bach the first, Johann Sebastian, wrote for a German nobleman with Brandenburg in his name.  Bach must have held the man in high regard: the pieces contain some of the most memorable melodies ever written.