Update: To make sure everyone stays safe, the GSO is currently focusing on online education programming. Be sure to visit the GSO Video library here to see what we’re working on. As soon as it’s safe to get everyone together for live concerts again, we’ll let you know!”


Once a year, the Side-by-Side program partners 21 musicians from the GSO with student musicians in the Carolina Youth Symphony to work together in a professional environment through two rehearsals and a final performance.

While many of our programs are appreciation- or exposure-based, the purpose of Side-by-Side is to train emerging, serious talent (those more advanced with skills such as reading music and playing their selective instruments) the challenges and nuances of performing with others in orchestral play. This more complex musical skillset is best learned through the act of doing; or learning alongside a musical counterpart with extensive orchestral experience in what is much like a master/apprentice relationship.

Usually over the scope of two days, the GSO musicians mentor and coach GCYO musicians in the context of two rehearsals and then perform a public concert together.

Almost identical to Side-by-Side is our Shoulder-to-Shoulder program, which is a partnership with the Greenville County Youth Orchestra.


Email GSO Education Director Braxton Ballew, or call him at (864)-233-0344, ext. 119.