Research shows that intensive integration of the arts in secondary school enhances the long-term outcome for students, increases potential for academic success, reduces dropout rates and disciplinary instances, encourages participation and pro-social activity, and makes young people feel they have a rightful place in their community.

GSO offers programs designed for young musicians that extend beyond exposure- and appreciation-based methods to more specifically encourage the immediate and continual pursuit of playing music. Most students are first presented with the opportunity to begin an instrument at school in the 6th grade; when registration for strings, band or chorus is usually offered. As music educators, we seek to instill the idea that learning an instrument is a highly rewarding process that takes more than months; that it takes time and dedication, and while it can be frustrating, playing music offers a multitude of great advantages and can even become a fulfilling career.

True distinction is handed down from generation to generation, and these programs allow us to rigorously advocate our art form through engaging in our shared responsibility to develop the professional musicians of the future.